September 11, 2018

Ofsted report on Chingford Hall Primary School

11 September 2018


Ofsted report on Chingford Hall Primary School

Following a visit from Ofsted in April this year, the inspectors have now published their report stating that they found Chingford Hall Primary Academy, a Silver Birch Academy Trust school, to be ‘inadequate’.

This inspection report states:

  • Leaders have not given pupils’ safety and well-being the highest priority.
  • Those responsible for governance have failed to hold leaders to account.
  • Provisions for pupils who have special educational needs and / or disabilities are inconsistent.
  • Effective teaching in key stage 1 ensures the pupils attain highly in phonics checks and in their end of key stage 2 statutory assessments.
  • In year 6, statutory reading, writing and mathematics assessments, pupils’ attainment was considerably above that of other schools nationally in 2016 and 2017.
  • Pupils’ conduct in the classrooms is typically good. Pupils try hard and are keen to do well.

Tom Canning, interim CEO of Silver Birch Academy Trust commented: “We thank the Ofsted team for their clear insight into the development needs of our school. Each recommendation has been thoroughly reviewed and acted upon to make ongoing improvements across the school. Leadership has been changed at both the Trust and the school, and the trustees and I will be working closely with the head and teachers at Chingford to give them the support and stability required to deliver the best educational environment for the children.”


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