October 19, 2018

Update on welcoming new Trust


19th October 2018

Update on welcoming new Trust

Dear Parents / Carers

I very much hoped to be able to be in a position to welcome a new Trust today, but various formal steps still to be completed, so this has not been possible. However, the good news is that process is very close to completion and we are delighted by the decision of the Regional Schools Commissioner and the Head Teachers Board.

If the announcement is made during half term then we will publish the news on the websites of the Trust and each school, so please do watch out for that next week. I will then schedule opportunities for you to meet the new CEO and their team as soon as possible, I am hoping this will be at the end of October.

We know that this period of transition is not an easy time for parents/carers but I can assure you that our focus will be to keeping building on the schools’ strengths and addressing their weaknesses. We will keep you updated as things progress.


Your sincerely


Tom Canning


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